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What is SEO? I have been asked this question by friends, family, Potential clients and well pretty much everyone iv ever spoken to in the business world for the best part of 10 years.

Hi, Nice to meet you
What do you do with your self ?

I work in SEO..

Oh ok, sorry but whats that ?

Anyway you get the idea so back to what we were talking about WHAT IS SEO ?

SEO is a process of implementing specific pieces of information to both the Onsite (Your Website) and Offsite (Link building process) for indexing. Its takes time and involves a detailed plan to edit Content on your website, Coding, research, backlinks and a clear understating of each and every business trying to rank.

Why Do You Need SEO ?

Great Question! Its simple. The goal is to improve your sites visibility on Search Engines and in Australia the best and most used by a country mile is Google.com.au.

Now the why of why you need SEO, to be readily available to potential customers searching for your services and or products online. This allows you to have a set fee approach to your marketing and not having to battle the fluctuation of adwords budgets.

Now getting improved visibility is great but again sounds like industry fluff.. what the hell is sites visibility ?

Brands We Work With

Brands We Work With
Brands We Work With
Brands We Work With
Brands We Work With
Brands We Work With
Brands We Work With

SEO Reviews

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Thank You!

We have used the Sky High team for a couple of years now. Friendly, Responsive, Knowledgable and results! are a few words that spring to mind.

Highly Recommended.

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Online Sales!

I engaged the services of Sky High Agency over 12 months ago. In that short period of time they have manged to repair all the damage caused by my pervious SEO company and even built us a new site and most importantly got us good results!

Great over all experience thanks team Sky High

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SEO Visibility

Your sites SEO Visibility is referring to how easily it can be found on Google.com.au when a potential client types in one of your agreed upon SEO keywords.

Now SEO Visibility is great but it doesn’t stop there! SEO is like building a muscle at first you wont see much but before you know it you will be squeezing your muscles into your shirts because lets face it who does legs ?

Website Optimize

Why Us

Sky High Agency has a proven Web Design and SEO Agency track record, we are Australian owned and our in house Web Design & SEO methodology has over 92% success rate and literally Hundreds of Thousands of rankings achieved on Google to date, with that number growing daily!

How do I choose my keywords for
my SEO campaign?

This is an indepth yet easy part of the overall SEO process of which we do all of the heavy lifting so to speak for you.

We get from you a guide on your SEO keywords, like main products or services along with anything else you feel you may want to be found for.

Once we have that from you we use it as a guide to help point us in the right direction, we will be able to see very quickly if the keywords have much completion and or traffic and also be able to determine the changes we need to make to your site in order for your SEO strategy to work.

SEO Geography

Where should I target geographically with my SEO ? This is a very common question and a good one at that because it is very specific and different for each business.

We can all be over anxious to achieve a great SEO result but we also need to be mindful of budgets and your serviceability limits, there is no point targeting all of NSW if your only willing to travel 20km around your business or to target Internationally if you do not have the capacity to do so just yet.

We take the time to really understand the businesses’ capabilities and build your SEO campaign around that.

We are an Australian Sydney based agency who can target anywhere in Australia, over 50% of our clients are currently interstate.

SEO Content

Your content is a huge part of your SEO strategy and something we will need to review in order to have your site begin to rank for your products & or services.

Ideally this would be done when a site is build but in most cases it isn’t! BUT done panic as a full service agency we can help ensure your content is SEO ready.

How Do I Know if My SEO
is working ?

We offer live support during business hours and live tracking of your SEO campaign 24/7. It is important for us to ensure that you are always upto date and know how things are tracking.

Our reporting shows you how your keywords and progressing to the holy grail that is page 1 on google!

SEO takes time it’s a marathon and not a sprint, so be sure to take this onboard as it will make the process a whole lot more enjoyable along the way.

Should I use a Local SEO
Company ?

This is really something that will come down the individual, as technically it doesn’t matter if a client is located in perth and us in Sydney, as long as the SEO agency you decide to use is from your country where in your country doesnt matter.

again though this is up to the individual as some people like dealing face to face others just want the best SEO service no matter what their business location.

Why does seo
take time ?

SEO is an indexing process and one that takes some time to achieve, this is not because the indexing process

SEO Guide

Ultimately SEO is made up of a lot of different moving parts, as a guide the below parts need to all work

Seo Quote

obtaining and SEO quote is fairly straight forward, we recommend enquiring with a couple of Australian based agencies

Seo for your business

Sky High SEO is a dedicated and passionate Australian SEO agency, who provide effective yet affordable