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When looking for a Web Design Agency its important to find someone with a proven track record! Be sure to check the Web Design Agencies portfolio.

We are a Web Design Agency with just that a proven track record! From building sites for one man bands to developing agency sites that are used nationally. We believe as a Web Design Agency that it is important to cut out the fluff and give you the best all round experience we can.

Our Approach

As a Web Design Agency its important that our approach matches our clients ambitions, which is why we have developed a case by case approach meaning no two clients sites will look the same.

When you build with us you build custom!

Our Approach as a Web Design Agency means it gives you the flexibility to build an E-commerce store, brochure site, CMS Site and of course all within a responsive frame work meaning your site will good on any device!

Brands We Work With

Brands We Work With
Brands We Work With
Brands We Work With
Brands We Work With
Brands We Work With
Brands We Work With

How to choose the right
web Design Agency

When shopping around for a Web Design Agency be sure to have a clear view of what you are looking to achieve, this will help you obtain more accurate quotes and allow you to accurately compare apples with apples. Its common to get two very different quotes and yes some Web Design Agencies just charge more but as a rule of thumb make sure because your paying less that you are getting less!

Web Design process

The Web Design process is an enjoyable one and it should be! Its an exciting time where a new business is getting a face lift or a new businesses identify is being brought to life, either way it’s a really exciting time.

Once we identify your needs we worth with you to come up with some concepts and then bring them to life.

Web Design agency Time frame

Most web design agencies take months to deliver even a simple site but with Sky High we offer 4 week build time from the day your designs are approved.

You are of course involved the whole time we are simply here to bring your vision to life.

Web Design Agency Guide

Your Web designs agency should be able to guide you through every decision To help ensure you end up with a site you love.

As your guide we will ensure we keep you in the process and on track every step of the way, always remember we are in this together.

Why Us

Sky High Agency has a proven Web Design and SEO Agency track record, we are Australian owned and our in house Web Design & SEO methodology has over 92% success rate and literally Hundreds of Thousands of rankings achieved on Google to date, with that number growing daily!